Our Story 


  Anju Soaps is a small, one woman owned & run business, located in Northampton (the heart of the Pioneer Valley) in  Western Massachusetts. We are dedicated to using the highest quality, most sustainable ingredients in our products. All soaps are all natural,  and vegan,  unless stated otherwise and are made with essential  and fragrance oils, all of which are paraben and phthalate-free! Everything you want on your skin, none of what you don't! 😊

Anju Soaps started out as a desire to learn and make my own skincare many years ago, using the natural world ad my guide & main contributer. As a student in Environment Science, I was always immersed in plants s and botanicals, wether it was in the greenhouses doing research or out in the field ID-ing plants, I've always had a deep love and connection with the natural world. It's where I feel most at home & alive. I decided that, once I started my business as a flower & Organic herb farmer & would try my hand at using the bounty of the things a sew & grow and turn them into something I could not only enjoy, but use! I took a year to learn and thought myself through a long thorough process, how to make my own soap & skincare. It was a long road, but well worth it! I started giving some of my homemade products to family & friends and they loved them so much they wanted to start buying from me and suggested I start selling my creations to the public. Alas, I posted a few soaps online and within 6 months, Anju Soaps was created. I am so grateful for this experience and that I get to share not only the beauty of my creations, but the wholesome, nurturing, sustainable, natural goodness of the products themselves with the world! 

Cheers to a more healthy, earth friendly, sustainable life! If each of us make a change, then our choices help change the world for the better.                                                             🌏🌱🌻🌿🌸💛♻️                                                            Peace, Love & Light. Namaste

                              ~Julie Fabienne                                                                       Owner/Creator                                                                                  💛