Anju Soaps is a small, one woman owned & run business located in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. I are dedicated to using local(if possible) highly quality, sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients.

All soaps are natural, vegan unless stated otherwise and are made with essential  and fragrance oils, all of which are paraben and phthalate-free! Everything you want on your skin, none of what you don't! 

Anju Soaps started out as a desire to  make my own skincare using only  natural & sustainable ingredients.

 I am always immersed in plants and botanicals, wether its in the greenhouses, doing research or out hiking/exploring. I've always had a deep love and connection with the natural world. It's where I feel most at home & alive.

In 2021, after starting   business a flower farm, I would try my hand at using the bounty of the things I grew in my products.

After sharing my soaps with family & friends and receiving great feedback, they suggested I start selling my soaps.

So, I posted a few soaps online and within 6 months, Anju Soaps was born.

 Im grateful I get to share the beauty & wholesome, nurturing, sustainable,  goodness of these products with the world!

Here’s to a healthy, earth friendly, sustainable life! If each of us make a change, then our choices help change the world for the better.                                                             🌏🌱🌻🌿🌸💛♻️                                                         ~Julie Fabienne                                                                       Owner/Creator                                                                                  💛