Hello! My name is Julie, owner & creator of Anju Soaps! I am a small, one woman run business located in beautiful Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

I am dedicated to using local highly quality, sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients! 

All  of my soaps, skincare and other products are natural, sustainably sourced, vegan (unless stated otherwise) and made with essential  and fragrance oils, all of which are paraben and phthalate-free! Everything you want on your skin, none of what you don't! 🤩

It all started as a desire to make my own natural skincare using natural & sustainable ingredients, because alot of products found in the mainstream market are loaded with fillers, chemicals, artificial colors, scents, etc; many of which are actually toxic! 

As a naturalist, I care about what I put in and on my body, and what environment I’m in.  Im usually always immersed in plants and botanicals, wether it be in the greenhouse, out doing field work,  or  hiking/exploring in nature. I've always had a deep love and connection to  the natural world; it’s  where I feel at home & most alive & healthy! 

In 2020, after starting a small flower business, I decided to try my hand at using the bounty of the flowers & herbs I grew, in my products.
After sharing my soaps with family and friends, receiving great feedback, and  suggesting I start selling my soaps to the public, I posted a few soaps online,  did really well and within 6 months, Anju Soaps was created. 

 So grateful I get to share the beauty & wholesome, nurturing, sustainable,  goodness of these products with the world!
Here’s to a healthy, earth friendly, sustainable life! If each of us make a change, then our choices help change the world for the better.      
                                                                                               ~Julie Fabienne