My Story

  Anju Soaps is a small, one woman (me 💁🏼‍♀️) owned & run business, located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Anju Soaps is dedicated to using the finest,  highest quality & most sustainable ingredients in all our products. All soaps and other products  are all-natural and vegan unless stated otherwise and are made with plant based oils, butters, essential & fragrance oils- all of which are paraben, phthalate, petroleum & chemical free!

 Its verything you want on your skin & none of what you don't! 😊

Anju Soaps started out as a personal desire to want to learn & make my own skincare products for myself using only plants & other botanicals as my guide & main ingredients. I have always immersed myself in the natural world, wether it be in the greenhouses startimg my own  plants & flowers from seed or out in the fields foraging, wondering, or just forest bathing, soaking up all those negative ions. 🌳🌿🌻🍀🍁🌱🌸🐝

I've always had a deep love and connection to the natural world. It's where I feel most at home, at peace & alive. When I started Sunset Acres, my Organic herb & flower farm roughly 5 years ago, I decided to grow herbs and  things I could use & incorporate into my own skincare regimen... calendula, lavender, aloe, borage...all skin loving & nurturing ingredients straight from my back yard. Through some trial & error (and alot of late nights 😉) I finally taught  myself the  processes of making my own soap,  shampoo & conditioner bars, lotions and more! Every product I formulated took a while as i had to perfect it and with enough time & patience, i did! It was a long, tedious road, but well worth the wait! 

In the beginning, I started out giving some of my homemade products to family & friends and they loved them so much they suggested I start selling my creations for others to enjoy. Alas, I posted a few of my soaps online and within six months, Anju Soaps was created! 

I am so grateful for this experience and that I get to share not only the beauty of my creations, but the naturally  wholesome, nurturing, & sustainable goodness of the products themselves with the world! 
Cheers to a more healthy, earth friendly, sustainable life! If each of us make a change, then our choices collectively help change this world for the better.         


~Julie Fabienne